Running a client from a BeyondTrust Remote Support Representative Console?

I have a customer who we set up with a Ignition 7.9.4 Gateway that only generally runs a single a client.

We recently were granted remote access to the server by the company via software called BeyondTrust Remote Support Representative Console. This allows a Teamviewer type of remoting in, a RDP style remoteing in, and VNC’ing in.

Is there a way with this software that I could remote in and then run a copy of the Vision client from my local computer (instead of through the actual teamviewer like instance)?

I know this is a very specific question and understand that it’s probably not something that is documented, but has anyone done this?

Sorry to revive this from the dead - but the vision client only needs HTTP connectivity on the gateway’s main port. If you set it up so you can hit the webpage, that same url can launch a client or designer session.