Running a project script from client event or expression tag

I have a script project that I’m running from a simple button by using the following line
project.EmailReport_Generator.machine(‘Machine1’) and works fine.

Now I want to run that script 3 times a day.
So I try do it from the tag change on the gateway event script but I got an error and I think is because my actual script has some ‘gui’ commands. And I tried the client event scripts using the same tag change feature, but seems to me like is not running it.

So I wonder if there is a way to use an expression item in my transaction group that I can use to run my script 3 times a day.

Thanks in advance.

If your script has GUI functions in it then it must run in a client. Transaction groups run on the server so that won’t work.

So you need to have a client open somewhere to run your script three times a day.

Automatically generating reports (using the Report Viewer) and automatically emailing them has been a problem for a long time because this cannot be done in the Ignition server, it has to be done in an Ignition client. So a client has to be open somewhere all the time in order for reports to be generated and emailed.