Running an Ignition Client on a Thin Client

Is there certain minimum parameters calculation that a Thin Client connected to a Windows 2008 Server must have to run a large Ignition application with about 80K SQL tags, 50 windows, 20 templates and 1K template tags all spread out over 5 PLCs?

I have a customer that switched from FactoryTalk SE to Ignition. Previously they had been using FTSE running on several Virtual Machines , as per the Rockwell Plant PAX Virtualization setup, and each plant floor Thin Client connected to FTSE using remote desktop to a VM session.

Now, using the FTSE converted to an Ignition application with each Thin Client as an Ignition client, the Thin Clients randomly crash launching Ignition due to a “not enough disk space” error. Each Thin Client has been allocated 128MB ram disk space, but I discovered the Ignition cache has grown to 230MB because of a C0 & C1 folder in the .ignition cache folder. What exactly are these folders and how are they are created?
I have had other applications where I have had several cache folders C0,C1,C2 … all with the same data but with different timestamps.

These are the cache folders for the concurrently running clients or designers. If you launch a client on new machine then you will have the C0 folder created. If you never launch more than a single client on the machine then you will probably only ever see one folder. If you launch two clients then you will see C0 and C1. A third concurrently running client will give you a C2.