Running Client on Gateway

I’ve done up a project for compiling reports ( auto saving & emailing ), in order for this to work I need to leave a client running on the gateway, but if the gateway restarts for any reason ( power fail, updates, etc ) the client doesn’t restart until its manually started - is there anyway to do any of the following

  1. automatically start a client when the gateway starts or
  2. start a client on the gateway remotely or
  3. monitor a client of a different project ( on same gateway ) to provide an alarm if not running

There are ways to start a client remotely and you have to look at sending remote commands in Windows. The third option will be the best in this situation. On the client in the gateway you can update a datetime SQLTag that can be a heart beat. If the time is older than say 1 minute or whatever time you can alert saying that client is not open.

I was thinking of just doing a batch file on startup that called the client, the only problem I have is the login requirement, is there any way to have no security on the client for this hidden project, ie. the client just starts without needing a user to login.

You can enable auto-login on that project. You can do this through the Project Properties in the designer for the project.

Thanks for that, that should do the trick.