Running FBD and ST language in Ignition

Is it possible to make Ignition a feature to run FBD and ST language (IEC61131-3 standard)?
Can anyone suggest?

  1. Why?

  2. Their is a SFC module I think

  3. Why use ST when you can use Jython.


Sounds like you want Ignition to replace your PLC. That's generally not a good thing to do.

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Yes, I understand that Ignition is nearly perfect to use as Scada and more advance things in upper level, while it does not born to replace the things done in lower level (controller level like PLC). I'm seeking any way to make it imitate functinalities of FBD which run based on tags instead of direct I/Os. The main purpose is to add special designed controller but does not want to embed into client's PLC, prefer to run it in Ignition connected to PLC via OPC tags. Reliability not 100% is acceptable. I think that ST can be modified to scripting, but I'm afriad that FBD cannot be replaced by SFC (Ignition has SFC module)​.

Ignition is not meant to be a PLC simulator. Nor is it meant to handle "heavy" PLC logic.

Ignition is not the solution for your problem, but their are other things out there for you.

I don't understand the distinction in the bolded statement. How is FBD different from other languages in regard to tags and I/O? And why do you think any generic programming language (like jython) cannot replace any FBD? Just because FBDs are drawn as a graphic doesn't mean they can't be resolved into equivalent procedural code. There just isn't such a resolution tool for Ignition. (Other than human brains.)

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Thank you. I will try converting FBD style program to Timer script, Tag change script, etc.
By quick imagine, I think it's a pitty difficult to manually organize the executing order among all scripts in each running cycle (FBD has this automatic feature)​. What else should I be aware of?

If you want script to execute sequentially, call them all from one timer event. Ignition is otherwise multithreaded multiprocessing--multiple timer events can be running in parallel, particularly if given a dedicated thread.