Running function on tag event script versus change script on object

I am trying to run a tag event script based on value change where I simply output something to the logger. I essentially run this same function in a change script on visibility for a label which is bound to the same tag that I tried to run the event script on. Why does the event script not work and the change script work?

Tags don’t belong to projects, so the tag event script will execute its script using whatever is configured as the “Gateway Scripting Project”:

The script applied to your label does run in a project, where you have presumably defined RecipeControl.recipe_download_active() in one of the project script libraries, and so it can actually use it.

Ok thanks. I guess I will have to put in on the view then. On a previous project I ran an event script using a project script function and it worked perfect.

If you were on 7.9 and it was defined in the global area or if that project script function belonged to the project designated as “Gateway Scripting Project” then it would have worked.

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