Running Ignition client on systems with multiple monitors

I have a computer that has multiple monitors. Is it possible to run Ignition client but only output to one of the monitors? Currently when I execute Ignition client, it populates on all monitors. Thank you.

Yes, it sounds like your multiple monitors are cloned rather than in extended desktop mode. Do other windows opened on one show on all too?

Launch the client in window mode and attach only in one monitor.

You can setup exactly how you want the client to open, on what monitors etc. You wouldn’t want to use windowed mode and have the user manually place this every time, unless of course it’s an adhoc client perhaps.

I’m assuming also that everyone is assuming the OP is talking about Vision…

The monitors are configured in extended. mode. When I run a normal application it appears on one monitor not both. Only if I run the Ignition client, it will appear on both monitors.

I wish I was given that option.

This is a monitoring system. There is no user manning it. There is also a watchdog application running and the system may reboot by itself to recover from errors.

Check the client config under the manage option in the client Launcher. Then look at the page configuration and disable the second monitor. Otherwise, check your client startup script to make sure nothing is launching a second desktop

I was provided (IgnitionClientLauncher) by the vendor who setup Ignition for my company. When you mentioned to look at the configuration page, are you referring a configuration files at the client system after the IgnitionClientLauncher is being installed. There is this folder (.ignition).

The config file is in there under the client Launcher folder, however I was talking about running the client Launcher exe itself. I can’t quite remember the exact name of it, igntionclientlauncher.exe? Have a look under .ignition/something client data/
Ill come back to this when I’m at my laptop

Then either your client launcher is configured to open desktops on the other monitors (this is not default behavior) as @nminchin is referring you to, or there’s a script in the project that opens the additional desktops.

Sorry for the late reply. I cannot touch the machine while it is in production. I included images of the directory structure of the client .ignition folder and two other files. One seems to be the launcher config (launcher.xml) but it does not take any effect if I change any of the settings. The shortcut on the desktop triggers “clientlauncher.exe scope=C project=Supreme windowmode=window gateway.addr=”. I also attached an image of a log file for the launcher. Thank you.

Do you have access to this project in Designer to check client startup scripts?