Running Ignition on an Ipad


I am curious if anyone has experience running ignition on an iPad? I don’t have much experience with Perspective, so I am hoping to avoid that. If Perspective is the only way to display my project on an iPad then I will make it work.

If you’re using Ignition 8.x then Perspective is the only way.

In 7.9 and prior you can technically use the old Mobile Module to view Vision projects in a browser, but I would absolutely not recommend heading down that dead end path for a new project.

ThinManager has some pretty cool options if you have to add mobile compatibility to an existing application, but you’re (probably) not going to like the pricing.

For a new mobile project, I’d definitely go with Perspective. However, if all you need is to get a project running on one iPad, you can always use something like TeamViewer to remote control another computer running a Vision client (or any other legacy HMI running on an OS supported by the remote control software of choice). We’ve used this as a quick temporary way to give operators mobile access to legacy HMI software along with Vision until it can all be migrated to Perspective. I would not recommend this as the solution if you’re developing a new project. Perspective is definitely the slick way to go as–among other things–you can access it from any device running a modern web browser.

Dang, okay! Thanks for the advice as always Kevin! I like the way Perspective looks when it is done right, I just have no experience building a perspective project.

Ill definitely look into it! Thank you very much!

This would be nice for quick access, unfortunately – I have to do this on about 400 iPads so a permanent solution is needed! It sounds like I will finally have to learn Perspective!

Yes, that’s the way I’d go for 400 mobile devices. I think you’ll be glad you did, though there may be some pain on the way. It is improving all the time.

Luckily we have a brand new (and free!) course at IU which teaches you how to build a project in Perspective: Building in Perspective.

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