Running Ignition on Bosch Rexroth CtrlX Core

Hi all,
I'm curious to know if anyone has tried running ignition or ignition Edge on a Bosch Rexroth CtrlX X3?
Since it's a Linux based OS, would you be able to install Ignition directly on it?

I don't see a spec beyond "64 bit quad core ARM CPU", but it's possible the raspberry pi distribution would work on it.

Could you send me the link for where you see the different distribution options?

Actually, the device is running a 64 bit Quad-Core arm cpu, so would that distro work for it?


One of the ARM distributions listed here:

Presumably AARCH64?

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Is there any chance someone could get me an image file for ignition on Docker?
I'd like to test it out and I think that would be the quickest way for us to stand up a trial environment.

All of our images are published to Docker Hub you can pull them from there if that's what you are looking for.


... and the images there are multi-arch, you should be able to pull on linux/arm64 and get the right image automatically.


I was able to get the latest Docker image built and running on the CtrlX Core X7 which is Intel core-based. I used the linux/amd64 image with Docker compose to create my Docker image, then used a snapcraft.yaml file to build it into a snap that is compatible with our system. I then downloaded it and it runs within our Container Engine app that was loaded.

Is there any plan to build a version of Ignition for Snapcraft? It would be nice if the Container engine wasn't required in this case. For example, the Core X3 which is arm64 based might work better if we don't have to run the Container Engine for Ignition and just run it directly as a snap.

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Glad to hear that you were able to find some success. There aren't any current plans to develop an official Ignition snap package.

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