Running Ignition v8.1 on Windows XP

I’ve been investigating how to run an Ignition v8.1 vision client on windows xp but I haven’t been able to find a solution yet. Due to licensing issues I am stuck on windows xp 32-bit for the foreseeable future. I tried a test perspective view in a google chrome browser but it didn’t load. Any ideas?

If you can find a JDK 11 that will run on Windows XP 32-bit then some variation of this may work:

Good luck.

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Yeah I already have the 32-bit work around setup on several RPis and Windows 7 boxes. Unfortunately, there aren’t any JDK 11 builds for XP that I can find. I’m definitely in bad spot on this one :smiling_face_with_tear:

Upgrading the licensing on these machines to get to Windows 7 costs $37k each and we have two.

:astonished: Even Windows 7 is out of support. Time to switch to Linux?


Or running the Windoze XP instances in Linux KVM guests, allowing everything other than the peculiarly licensed software to run in the host.


Another layer of complexity is the machines have a PCI card for a camera system so if a VM can work, it would have to allow PCI passthrough too.

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KVM has excellent support for PCI passthrough.

( Cognex VisionPro? )

No, some proprietary camera system for a CNC fabric cutter. The camera takes pictures of the fabric pattern as it cuts to compensate for any bows/skews in the fabric design. I will give KVM a try, thanks!