Running multiple versions?

Will it ever be possible to run multiple versions of FactorySQL and FactoryPMI on one PC? This is for system development as an integrator, not in a production environment.

The reason I ask is I used another SCADA package for over 10 years. As the package was developed, I ended up installing systems using different versions. As these were incompatible and couldn’t be installed on the same machine, support of existing customers became a real pain.

I know I could do this using virtualisation software, but it would be easier just to start the services for the correct version and run the customer’s system as required.

From a technical point of view this probably wouldn’t be too difficult, as each product is pretty well sandboxed, in terms of the actual executables.

I can’t say when we might actually support this, though. I fully understand your motivation, but right now we have the fairly optimistic outlook that our software is more compatible and upgradeable than those other systems, so the need isn’t as strong.

If nothing else, we can put it in as a feature request. That way it’ll be in our system, and will get ranked based on requests, etc.


We’re currently working on providing the ability to install prior versions of our software. I’d recommend VMWare to accomplish this instead of constantly uninstalling/reinstalling the software. As Colby said, it’s not technically difficult, but that’s the first I’ve heard of such a request.