Running Perspective on a Surface Tablet

Sine the perspective App is only available in the App and Play store, is there any option to use the camera and GPS functionality you get from running perspective app when using a Windows Surface Tablet?

I assume I would have to run the perspective session in a web browser or in Kiosk mode, but that won’t give me access to the many built in pieces of hardware within your mobile device, such as the camera, the accelerometer, or the NFC Scanner.

Does anyone have any advice for this other than don’t use Surface tablets?

Supposedly some of that functionality was coming to Perspective Workstation. I haven’t kept up with that, though.

Still planned for workstation, but not currently accessible.

Unfortunately, that leaves you without a lot of options. A spectacularly terrible idea might be to run the Perspective app in Windows 11’s Android compatibility layer; no idea if it even would run, let alone have access to these things.

Ok, I realize that it’s only a while ago this question was answered but do anyone know if a solution is months or years away?

The organization I work for does not allow any Android or Apple devices in the company network (security issue) while windows based are no problem. This means that Ignition is not an option for taking and organizing pictures from our production lines which otherwise would solve a lot of issues with bad file- and folder names, searchability etc.

Someone needs to do some more homework if they think that Windows is more secure than Apple. :man_shrugging:

Probably closer to months than years, but no one but IA could actually say. Depends on how much demand there is and the number of higher priority features and bugs that are currently being worked on.

If it is important for you or your company you should contact your sales rep and let them know.

I’m also not sure if there is a feature request for it, there may well be, but if there is go give that a bump as well.

Well since it’s hard (impossible?) to ban Windows based computers in a big enough company they have put in all effort in making these systems as secure as possible and very little in Apple/Android so a ban is a solution I guess.

Rather months than years is a positive answer i suppose even if it’s a guess.
I found a feature request for this put in almost a year ago so I will give it some bumps.


To the defense of IT groups, it’s quite possible that the computers on the network are being managed via something like Windows Group Policy for which there is no implementation on Android/macOS. So the choices that the IT people have are either let unmanaged devices roam free on the network, or simply ban unmanaged devices.

In this day and age no competent, security focussed IT group is going to want to have devices on their network for which they can’t control or don’t know anything about. And this is regardless of the security quality of Windows vs Android vs macOS

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that was Apple’s Business Manager is meant to do for Apple products…

Business - IT - Apple

To me that is Apple’s equivalent of a Microsoft product. That doesn’t mean the 2 products are compatible (and I doubt that they are).

Their not compatible, nobody would expect them to be. To expect anything from Microsoft to be supported on a competing platform wouldn’t make sense. There are apps/programs available across platforms but that is a developers choice on if they support that or not. But from an IT stand point both can be manage if an IT department chooses to. Even Android has its own enterprise software for managing them. The tools are there if an IT department chooses to utilize them but that has to an an individual business decision. All 3 platforms have pro’s and cons. But when it comes to security Apple products have been consistently more secure than Microsoft products.

Meh, My company is Windows based, and supports Apple and Android devices on the network. IMO it’s less a security issue and more of a “don’t want to” issue. Which is definitely within an IT departments purview. Chalking it up to security though is a bit week.



I have a Perspective module that gives access to cameras on windows devices if you are interested. it’s in beta but I can let you have a test copy if you PM me.

Excellent, I’ll PM.