Running two client instances, one disconnects, gateway slow session info update rate


Hope someone can help me with this.

I’m developing a system where the same project will be running on two different computers. Based on different scenarios one will be master and the other slave.

On each client, I am displaying the status of the other client. I’ve been working on the getSessionInfo() in startup script to get heartbeat/status functionality and it works great. If one client is properly shutdown, the other one notifies me immediately which is great.

It also works when one client gets disconnected for any reason (e.g. LAN cable disconnected) other than a proper shutdown, but the problem is that Gateway tries to connect again and only times out (hence update the session info) after 60 seconds. Is there any way to modify this timeout value for connecting retries?

I have a 1 second update rate limitation that I need to comply with and 60 seconds does not work for me. I also do not want to use memory tags for heartbeat functionality so writing to a tag to fix this problem is not an option for me (this is done this way very easily but not an option for me).

Hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance.


You could look into using the Kymera Pinger module for this

You could use sendMessage() in a client timer event script to send keep-alives to the gateway more rapidly. Then have that gateway script send a “take over” message to the live client if the other goes stale.

Thank you for your response. And yes sendmessage solved my problem.

Thanks so much.