Running virtualization windows on a different VM

Hey all, I’ve got a bit of an issue that I can’t google away.
I’m trying to set up a virtual machine to run the windows I’ve created on designer that happens to be on a separate virtual machine.
What do I need to do to go about this? Thanks oh so much in advance.
EDIT: I don’t need the full Ignition install on the machine I plan to use for visuals right??

The two VMs need to share a network that permits VM to VM traffic. In some virtualization platforms only traffic between host and VM pass by default. I use virt-manager with Qemu/KVM on Linux with bridged networks, which allow full traffic. Anyways, the machine that has the gateway installed must expose its listening port(s) to the shared network. Your comment suggests that you’ve been running the designer on the gateway machine, but that isn’t necessary – designers can be opened elsewhere just like clients. In demanding applications, you don’t want anything but the Ignition gateway running on that computer.

I’ve opened up ports for listening. When running the client launcher on the second VM, it doesn’t show any available networks. Do you have any remedy? I’m having a bit of an issue here.