runPrepUpdate error value is not set for the parameter

Hello humans
I have a database table with 14 columns, one of which is auto increment ID key.
I have a dispatch from and a receipt form, and the plan is to create an entry in the table on item dispatch (covering half the fields), then update the table with the other half of the details when the receipt form is completed.
There's a signature pad component on each form.
I'm just trying the dispatch form at the moment, using runPrepUpdate with an INSERT query, and I keep getting the error

caused by Exception: Error executing system.db.runPrepUpdate(INSERT into my_table (CollectionDT=?, dispatchUsername=?,dispatchSampleCount=?, dispatchNotes=?, dispatchSignature=?, Reference=?) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?), [dateTime, user, int, notes here, [_at_event_signature_base64, my_reference], my_database_provider, , true, false)
	caused by SQLServerException: The value is not set for the parameter number 7.

I've trawled the forums but can't find many references to this error, and none that I can deduce a solution from.

I've tried omitting the signature pad data in case that's the issue, but get the same error (only for "parameter number 6" of what is at that point 5 parameters...)

It seems to be getting the data fine. There don't seem to be any data type or conversion issues.
I am at a loss.

Help please.

The presentation of these two parameters in the logs looks weird: [_at_event_signature_base64, my_reference]

Are you, intentionally or unintentionally, collapsing things into a list? Can you verify your datatypes before you pass them in, via separate log statement(s)?

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Why do you have question marks mixed in with your column names? They are not supposed to be there with INSERT statements (nor the equal signs).

Ah! I'm an absolute doofus.
Problem exists between chair and keyboard.
Got it. Thanks :smiley: