runPrepUpdate help

I have the following code in the onCellEdited extension function of a power table.

I cant seem to get the runPreUpdate to work. Any assistance would be appreciated.
IA v7.7.5

[code] import system

dataSource = "CapitalProjectsDB"
# The row index of the edited row
row = rowIndex
# The column index of the edited column
col = colIndex
# The name of the edited column
colName = colName
# The new value entered by the user
value = newValue

# get the ID (primary key)
ID =,0)
#string that is the query section below in the runPrepUpdate
query = "UPDATE [WBS Table Detail] SET Comments = (?) WHERE ID = (?)"
# list of values represented in string above by ‘?’ marks in the values portion of runPrepUpdate
values = [value,ID]

    system.gui.warningBox("SQL Insert Failed")[/code]

Hi Gratliff,

If you remove the try/except you can find out what the SQL error is.

It looks like the SQL query syntax is wrong. I would try this:

query = "UPDATE [WBS Table Detail] SET Comments = ? WHERE ID = ?"Best,

Excellent! That was it. So close. Thanks Nick!