runScript calling function with arguments in expression tag

The following expression fails to call the Python script with the argument passed in. Instead it calls the function without the argument 34.


The way to get around the problem is to use the pollRate argument with runScript. For some reason this version of runScript works when passing arguments to functions.


Note that it makes no sense to use the pollRate argument in runScript when used in an expression tag because the scan class will override it, but the pollRate argument must be used because otherwise arguments are not passed to functions.

Hello Nick,

I was unable to reproduce this with a sample script. The tag evaluated with and without a given poll rate.

What version of ignition are you running? And could you paste your getMotorStatus function?

I understand. I ended up deleting what I did to use another solution. I also cannot reproduce this problem. I may have mixed something up. Perhaps there is nothing to fix here. Thanks for checking into it.