Runtime calculation for running status

I have an analog tag that I want to create another tag to get the running status

The tag must be true when the motor amp is above 3 amp for 3 minutes

Do you know how?

That’s what alarms are for. Have a read of Tag Alarm Properties - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.

  • Double click your tag to open the tag editor.
  • Go down to the Alarms and start experimenting.

Thanks for the reply

Please read carefully what is question is. then check manual 7.9.1, then check what the difference between the tag and alarm tag is

This post may give you inspiration, Adding delay in a tag event in UDT

It is for a UDT but you can adapt. You can add to the expression to also look at another tag, in this case amps.

Thanks for the reply but I need another tag, like the expression tag

There are 2 motors, and they should be working once at a time but sometimes for calibration both are running one is running and the other running for 5 or 6 minutes

I need to detect real running situations and then create an alarm based on that

it is possible with a alarm tag. On the analog value… Change yellow values to suit…

Then i created a derived tag… My tag was called int, your will be different but can browse for it.

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Thanks for the reply

How do you handle both pumps? in our case (the pump running for less than 10 minutes is not considered as a running mode? ))

Imaging one pump is running, and the other pump is off then while the other pump is running, the off-pump is running for 10 minutes for less than normal amp

normal amp is 3

how do you handle this?

the alarm is not handled in this situation and keeps sending a false alarm, you need to compare 2 pumps and detect the actual pump running tag then create an alarm then add delay for your alarm

both pumps are in one tower station and when you send an alarm you have to notify the operator that tower station number 1 has an issue

this issue could be pump 1 or 2

Does each pump have its own current monitoring and run / stop / calibration status ?

Create an expression tag which is the sum of the two pump currents. Create the alarm on that tag.

Your question doesn’t have this as a requirement.


Yes, SUM is one solution, the reason that I am looking for runtime for each pump is

I can create an alarm and activate it when the runtime meets then I can set a delay for the alarm in order to get a real alarm

If I do not compare both pumps, it will send a lot of false alarms

Then you need to rewrite your user requirement specification clearly.

will do but still looking to create a runtime tag

If your pumps have run status then you have your runtime tag, much easier to do this in the plc other wise the best bet is to compare time stamps in expressions if you want it accurate to seconds, in my experience anyway and keep a totalized value. That’s assuming by run time tag you mean a time or hours counter ? Or do you mean running status tag ?

I suggest you layout what you want in a basic statement and we will help make that into code.

I.e when pump 1 is on and this is true or this is false and this is above 3 and the timer is this etc.

Second question relates to what gets reported back to the operator as an alarm. Again, layout a flow, can be as basic as you want. Alarm is triggered if this pump does that, or this pump does this and this value is greater then that value etc.

At the moment, We/I am struggling to get a clear vision of what is required as if both pumps have separate status feedback and separate current monitoring then I cant see the need to compare any values at all.

Are these pumps/motors controlled via a PLC using contactors or a VFD ? Do you have any other kind of feedback like flow or pressure that would indicate a pump issue you could use? What are you calibrating when you run the pump for 5-6 minutes? Do you have access to modify PLC code? What
feedback do you get from the pumps exactly ? Is it a pulse to latch or a bit that stays on or command to VFD? Why must the current be above 3 amps to show its running, any current >0 shows its running unless the motor as some kind of clutch mechanism or something loads it up? What is it pumping ?

There is a vast knowledge on this forum, Vast Vast Vast but we need as much info as possible to be able to give you definitive help, even if you think its too much info or too basic. My knees are black and blue stumbling through code and tripping over errors but always got there in the end. Start with the basics, get it working, then build on that.

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