Runtime Component: Tag Search and Select tool

I may not have exhausted all search clauses on this subject, but has anyone built a runtime component that can be used to Search (Tags and Properties) and Select Tags for subsequent binding with other components in Ignition?

I see some applications for this in components like the Charting tools (Power Chart, Easy Chart). Beyond 100 Tags using the Tree Browser becomes in efficient and impractical. Search is so important for production level applications when you get beyond 100 Tags. Also searching on properties is important too as for example the Documentation property (under Meta Data Property) is valuable for adding additional context to a tag an helpful for search.

If you look at the leading Historian vendors (for example), they all have search on Tags as well as Descriptions (along with Tree Browsing too). Hopefully, my naiveté on the product can be redirected to a solution by someone with more experience than a rooky like me :slight_smile: . Thanks in advance for the community help.

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