Runtime Menu / Full Screen

We have a computer with two monitors attached to it. We want to run the the client app on both monitors at the same time. I had originally configured my project to run in full screen mode (no Microsoft Windows title bar nor borders or task bar). However, because I have it set this way, i can find a way to move this client app over to the other monitor (since there is no windows title bar).

About the only thing I can do at this point is size my app down a little bit to accommodate for the windows menu and borders.

The second part of my questions is if there is a way to hide or disable the PMI runtime menu?

Unfortunately, running in full-screen mode and running across 2 monitors is something that Windows won’t do a the same time.

Removing the menu bar is a feature that we’ve added in Ignition.

A 3rd party tool like “UltraMon” might help.

I haven’t actually tried this - a quick Google / Wikipedia search led me to it.

This is an issue introduced with Windows Vista and above. In a nutshell, Windows removed the ability to span across 2 monitors. You can extend, which gives you a 2048x1024 (<<<example) resolution, but to the video API and in this case, Ignition, it still sees two distinct monitors. With spanning, which was removed from the Windows graphics API, you have a 2048x1024 resolution, but to the through the API and Ignition, it would look like one monitor. As always, blame MS.

I presume your host OS is a Windows 6.x release (Vista/Server 2008/7/Server 2008 R2), so I dont think itll work. If you are using a 5.x or below (XP/Server 2003 and below), Spanning is supported, but needs to be implemented via your video card driver and its utilities. You can always try Linux??