Runtime only application

Now a days most of the SCADA system has RUNTIME application feature to secure the codes or development from unauthorised access.

Is there any such type of feature available in IGNITION?

Yes. I think the simplest would be to:

  1. Have separate user sources for system and projects.
  2. Set “Allow User Admin” to False (in Gateway Settings).

Ignition is pretty flexible for how security can be setup, so I would take a look at the manual in the section on security: … 9/Security

Uhm, no, not for graphics and scripts. Anyone who can get admin privileges on the gateway server can arrange to look at the graphical designs and any jython code in your projects.
The only way within the Ignition ecosystem to protect your source code is to deploy an add-on module written in java.

There’s an OEM lock feature that can protect your projects as well. You have to talk to your sales rep about it though.

Thank you, Kevin.
We will talk to our sales representative.