Runtime search component / tagname window location


I am looking for a way to replicate the search in design mode :

Let’s say I have a component with the following custom properties

TAG : the_value_to_search

So in designer if I search for : the_value_to_search it will reply something like this and if you click it will bring you the page where the component is :

So I would like to do the same but in runtime, to be able to input a value in a text box, search the location and open the page where my the_value_to_search is located (and in a perferct world to be able to put focus around the item in the window)

Any suggestions ?


I’ve done a workaround with a SQL Table that hold the page related to a tag, but the issue someone need to maintain this table (log the page where the tag is)

There must be a way to do it with a search script …