Runtime state is out of sync

I am running 7.7 with a redundant backup gateway. After 7.7 was installed about every minute I get the following error on the master counsel “The other nodes runtime state is out of sync, and the necessary updates are not available. I full state transfer will occur”. The backup counsel displays “Received A full runtime state update”.
I see that there is a post with a similar topic, but the solution had to do with garbage collection ( … ut+of+sync).
I am assuming this has to do with redundancy settings?
logs (5).bin.gz (603 KB)
logs (4).bin.gz (445 KB)


First off, sorry for the slow reply.

I think there are two main factors that could come into play here: what your ping rate is set to, and the nature of your system.

First off, if your system simply generates a lot of runtime events (which are essentially alarm state updates, or writes to memory tags), the default buffer setting of 200 might just be too small. Any time that buffer is exceeded, you get this situation.

Next, if the ping rate is relatively slow, there’s more of a chance that the buffer will be filled before the items are transferred.

Try setting the “Runtime Update Buffer Size” on the redundancy settings page to 1000 or 2000, and see if that reduces these messages. Previous to 7.7 this wouldn’t have made as great of an impact, but now if you find the right size for your particular ping rate/system config, you should be able to eliminate the problem (<- and really, it’s not a critical problem, the full transfers are just a little less efficient)