Runtime Tag Alarm Properties Changes in 8.0? -1 vs. Null?

I recently upgraded from 7.9 to 8.0. It looks like there have been changes to the runtime tag alarm properites (7.9 had “.AlarmHighestUnackPriority” and 8.0 seams to have it as “/Alarms.HighestUnackPriority”) but I also see that 7.9 used to have a value of -1 when there was no unacked alarms. my tag browser is shown nothing. I don’t know if that is an empty string or null or what. I had a lot of logic that used 7.9’s -1 value. Can someone confirm what the no acked alarms value is, or point me to documentation that explains it? If -1 has been replaced with something else, can you point me to some guidelines on how to use that something else in scripting and expressions? For example, I used to be able to check if that value was > 1, but now what results if null is checked for >1?

Here is a clip of the 7.9 structure from a InductiveU vedio

Here is a clip from my 8.0 tag browser with the null or empty value:

Have you tried

if value is not None

I am sorry I was not more direct on my main concern. I have not tried anything yet because my 7.9 project has a lot of logic that uses the -1 value that used to be there. I want to make sure the null is the norm now before I put work into that. I have had other tag values go to null when I was not expecting it and I can not find any documentation that says what the value should be if there are no alarms. I guess I should have tested the system by cycling through alarm states and see what value it takes (seeing if it consistently goes to null or -1). I will do that.