Runtime Update Buffer Size Explaination

Hi guys,

I’m still diving into the world of ignition. I’m currently setting up 3 deskstops, 1 for a master 1 for redundancy and the other as the hitorian with mysql installed.
Just looking between the redundancy settings, the “Runtime Update Buffer Size”
with definition: How many “runtime state” updates can be queued in memory before the system stops tracking and a full transfer is performed
and the default value being 200.

Just wondering what this truly means to the operator…is that 200 tags or… by runtime state, what defines as 1 runtime state

oh also, in this case, testing if the redundancy works…how would i test that? is it a matter of unplugging the master from the ehternet switch that connects all 3 together?

Apologies if its a simple question but thank you for taking the time to help a beginner !