In the help file it says to use fpmi.db.runUpdateQuery for Insert, Update and Delete functions. Maybe I am missing a simple thing but I have tried used in the Delete and I get

Here is the query as I have it laid out

fpmi.db.runUpdateQuery("delete * from order_entry where ordernum = 1","mocrosoft")

Thanks for the assistance. Have a great day.

I realize you are using MSSQL, but in MySQL, the query would be delete from order_entry where ordernum = 1. Are you sure ou need the *?

No I am not sure if I need the * or not. I can tell you that in MS-SQL help file when they talk about the delete function it is spelled out exactly how I have it spelled. I also know I can run the query from the GUI front end, Server Management Studio, and if I dont put in the * it dont like it. But in PMI you are going thru Jyton and maybe something is just a little bit different. I am going to try it without the * and post my results.

There is no query difference going through FactoryPMI vs running the query in the database’s query tool.

No database I’ve ever seen wants a * in the DELETE syntax. its just “DELETE FROM …”