RV50 SIM Card Issues

I have an RV50 used as an sms gateway for a scada pc. I’ve set up several of these before but this particular sim card doesn’t wan’t to play ball. I’ve included logs which probably explain better than I can.

First log is a bootup of the RV50 with my own personal (Three) sim card in it. Works fine.

Second log is a bootup of the RV50 with this nightmare sim card (also Three, sms only). Does not work fine.

Keep in mind, the physical setup never changes, only the sims are swapped. Which is why I don’t really believe the RADIO DETACH errors I’m seeing here.

*I’ve tried manually setting the AT+CGSMS as suggested in the manual
*I’ve also tried setting the SMSC number on the SIM to the network default manually using a phone

I know this isn’t an Ignition issue exactly, but I’ve got more faith in you guy’s general savviness than those guys over at the Airlink forums :smirk:

Did you ever get this worked out? I was having a similar problem and it turned out the SIM card had been set up as if the device was a tablet. On the ATT network this meant that it couldn’t send or receive SMS messages (Except from ATT) even though the plan associated with the SIM card was paying for unlimited text messages.

I had the same problem with ATT, had to call there support line, and they had to change a setting on there end.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Never really got that one solved, switched to another sim eventually. Although I think my issue is slightly different because my sim was capable of sending sms when plugged into a phone, just not into an RV50.