RV50x SMS from Ignition

I recently purchased an RV50x router for the SMS alarming on Ignition, I followed this steps but still couldn't make the SMS to work.

Are there other steps that I should do to make this work with Ignition

On the RV50's Services page, under Advanced, you can test the modem to make sure it will send out an SMS message. If that does not work you might have purchased the wrong plan from your carrier or there is some other problem on their end.

If that end works, turn on the Ignition logging for SMS.

I already tried the test SMS on the services page and I can send SMS messages with PuTTy, can you help me with the part of switching on the Ignition SMS logging

HI Renz_Eran_Santos,

  • Do you have any other SMS devices that you have used with Ignition before or is this the first time attempting to use one?
  • Is it that you can not get an alarm to work with the RV50x or that you can not get the device to even connect to Ignition?
  • You may need to call into support so that there could be more probing into what the issue is.

I think that maybe your question title should be "SMS from Ignition" if you are send out SMS messages.

  1. Yes, this is the first SMS device that I will be using with Ignition
  2. I tried to force an alarm and its supposed to send a message but I don't receive anything

It appears that the profile is in "Test Mode", did you put it that way to verify if Ignition is working correctly? While in Test Mode, the SMS message does not get sent to the RV50x and then would not get sent to your phone.
If you did that, what did it do when set to "No"?

The message in the log gives the appearance that Ignition is setup correctly to use the RV50x. Which might get us back to the device setup itself being an issue.

I changed the test mode to No:

I'm getting this error message now, I'm happy that looks like I'm near to making it send messages :slight_smile: but still need to find out why it is generating an error on sending

So, the best I can say at this time, which is not very helpful, is that you have a configuration issue either between Ignition and the RV50X OR on the RV50X itself.

I replicated your error above by putting in the wrong IP address in the Ignition Settings for the device.

Please double check all the settings... the smallest thing could cause the biggest issues.

hi, I am now able to send alarms via SMS messages. My issue now is acknowledging alarms by sending text message to Ignition

Let's see if this helps. I am sure it is just a finicky configuration issue, or possibly a networking issue (firewall on the computer or network) at this point.

In the Acemanager interface of the RV50x,

  • Navigate to Services Tab near the top.
  • Then while on that tab, locate and navigate to the SMS section in the left hand side list of items.
  • While on that page, locate the "Local Host Interface Configuration"
  • In this section, validate that this is the proper IP and Ports to communicate with from the RV50x to the Computer that Ignition is running on and validate that the ports match the Ignition setting for the SMS Notification configuration.

RV5Xx device:


The IP's shown above are examples only, of course.