S7-1500R/H Redundant family communication

Hi, i would like to know if the Siemens driver for ignition supports the communication with the redundant CPU family S7 1500R/H. the reason i am asking is that the PUT/GET Instructions are not available for the redundant model as well as the OPCUA protocol. Also is there other modern protocols that are supported for communication with ignition (other than Modbus TCP, that support Datablock and or Symbolic addressing).
Thanks in advance.

No, Ignitions driver supports only the legacy S7-300 communcation (put/get). You have to use a 3rd party OPC-UA server to connect to a 1500 with the current protocol and use symbolic addressing.

I may have misread your answer and apologies If i did. Ignition supports 1500 CPU’s out the box, at least the ‘standard’ versions anyway. I use fail safe 1500’s and they connect fine.

Ignition can connect to S7-1500 cpu’s only if the legacy put/get protocol is enabled. With this setting the internal security mechanisms of the processor are bypassed. Although hthis is no problem as long as an external firewall is in place i would not accept it in a fail safe environment.
Also you have no access to standard optimized datablocks. That prevents internal optimizations and is definitely not the way to go. Siemens programming guidelines deprecated legacy datablocks a long time ago.
We may discuss the use of the word ‘supported’, but if i have to stick to the possibilities of a S7-300 when using a 1500 begrüße of a scada system i would call it possible but not recommendable.

For S7-1200 and S7-1500 connecting with OPC UA is the best practice and the only supported future.

I understand from OP that the OPC UA server may not be available on the redundant version but hopefully Siemens will address this in the future.