S7-300 Profibus DP to Ignition? Helmholz NETLink

I have legacy piece of equipment with a Siemens S7-300 (CPU314C 2 DP).
It appears others have used a NETLink on S7-300’s. Has anyone else had success with using a NETLink to convert from Profibus DP on an S7-300 to Ignition S7 TCP driver?

Also curious about the Ignition Driver. Appears the Helmholz NETLink device converts into an “S7-TCP/IP” or “RFC1006”, is this what the Ignition S7 TCP/IP driver uses?

See Section 3

If this works need to figure out how to add Ignition to NETLink’s Application Examples.

We are using the NetLink and a couple of similar devices with Ignition’s driver without problems. RFC 1006 is the connection protocol used by Siemens.
I usually plug those devices to the MPI port. Using them in an ProfiBus Network requires carefully configuration.