S7-300 via a NetLink Lite


I have a question about using the build it drivers for Siemens S7-300 can it communicate to a S7-300 that it is connected via the MPI port to a NetLink Lite that provides Ethernet which give us S7-300 Ethernet. I hope my explanation makes sense.


Others have reported that this setup works: inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … it=netlink

Yes, I read them but all the ones that seems to work are using the hilscher we have the Helmholz. NetLink Lite. I change the port number 1099 since we are using it with another HMI application that uses Kepware and it is working with the port 1099 but no luck getting it to communicate.


Hi, most likely the NetLink Lite will not work with Ignition. Ignition needs an adapter that supports the RFC1006 protocol. The Lite is not produced for some years now, but I think it required a special driver software to work with the Siemens Engineering Software. Maybe you can ask Helmholz for a Firmware Update, the successor product supports RFC1006.

Thanks Chi, we will investigate to see what options we have with the Lite, it not we will go via the OPC-COM with Kepware as the OPC Server. I will post the direction customer will like to go.

Again thanks a lot for the info.