S7-315 Connection cannot be established


I am trying to communicate IGNITION 8.1 with Siemens s7-315 2 PN DP PLC without success
, i used Step7 5.6 (not TIA) to develop the program.
the PLC ref: "315-2EH14-0AB0" Version 3.2
the ip adresse of PLC:
the name of PLC: AS
the ip adresse of ignition station:
in ignition i set in device connections the same parameters in the plc project and also in port (102) and slot number (2)
But PLC remains disconnected. the Plc ping is ok, i also use the telnet (telnet 102) without error.
Please advise on how to get rid of this. Is there any specific setting in Ignition for S7-300 plc communication?

Hi Abdessamad_Bouselham,

I would suggest opening a ticket with the Support department. They would be better suited to help with this issue.