S7 Integrated OPC-UA

Hi, would someone be so kind as to give an example part number for the most basic S7-1200/1500 that has the OPC-UA server integrated with the CPU? 24DC Transistor IO, lowest IO count, don’t need analogue, but a bonus if it has it.

While the v4.4 firmware of the S7-1200 has an OPCUA server, I don’t find it useful at all. The standard Simatic namespace is not available.

You have to manually add datablocks to a server interface. I have not yet found a way to address these blocks by symbolic name either. The server XML definition has the nodes by ID, and the node has an alias that is the symbolic name. You can browse the nodes, presumably by the alias, but I don’t know how to address by name externally, only by node id which seems arbitrarily assigned.

I would only recommend the S7-1500 series, probably the 1512 compact that has IO for your use case. Way more expensive than the 1200 though

have you check the ET200Sp CPU? Same as a 1500 but cheaper and flexible in IO.

I have not, but I’m open to suggestions.

Here is the small ET200Sp Cpu (Equivalent to a 1510)
Then you can add the card you want to get the desired IO.

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