Same Vision application for ignition and ignition edge

I am currently preparing a ignition setup for a client. I have an normal ignition gateway and a ignition edge gateway. I would want to use the igntion edge sync services in case of a problem on my main ignition computer (to save data in the local edge database and then send it to the main ignition when available).

I have devlopped my client application on my main ignition. If possible, I would want the same client application for both client, so I wont need to modify two applications if modifications are needed. I am not familiar with ignition edges features that are not into the normal ignition.

I know there is a gateway redudency feature that I tested, but I don’t know it it would work with an ignition edge gateway as backup of the main ignition gateway.

Would the redudency feature work with an ignition gateway and an ignition edge gateway?

Personally, I would not mind if i would need to modify two applications if I want to change something.

The answer to your questions will largely depend on what your since edge has a limited set of capabilities vs normal ignition. an edge gateway can only fail over to another edge gateway, i would assume the same for normal ignition, but i don’t see it explicitly stated.

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The big missing piece for Edge applications is the lack of database support. If your main application is loaded with tables and charts and template repeaters/canvases that are driven by named queries or other database bindings, you are out of luck.


The edge interface would be used as a second client for the plant. It would also be used as a database backup if the main computer is down. Fortunately, my main application does not use database queries or bindings. The only things that would use the database would be the alarm journal and a chart ( where the client could add trends by browsing the tag history tree).

When I’m finished with my main application, I will import it into the edge designer and remove features that would be uncompatible.

Though, I will use the datasync feature of ignition edge, but I have not tried it yet.