Sample project on Flex repeater

I was wondering if you have a sample project on Flex Repeater. I have a need to render a list of machines on with query tags (Output, yield, machine states …) on a perspective view.

This depends on a myriad of variables, but first let me get some clarification…

Do you have one query tag which houses all of your needed information? Or do you have multiple tags which each have information about one machine? I have to be honest - I’m not sure how to go about this if you have multiple tags which house all of the needed information… If you do have just one tag, this is very easy and I can create a couple of Views to show you how it’s done.

To use a Flex Repeater, you just need to specify a path to a View and supply an array of instances to repeat.

The path to the View is straight-forward enough - just create a “template” View which displays the information you want and set PARAM properties for each value you want represented. Then, place some sort of display component in the View for each of those PARAM properties and bind the value of the component to the PARAM property it will represent (the components will be blank unless you provide a default/fallback value for each PARAM property).

The FlexRepeater.props.instances array of objects is the tricky part, but basically you want to make a new instance for each of your “machines”, and each machine should be made up of key:value pairs where the key is a case-sensitive match for one of the PARAM properties in the “template” View.

Paul’s sample project might help: