Sanity check - Powerflex 4

Clarification about how the Relay Out Sel works.
I was under the impression it acts as an output and therefore should no effect on drive function.

Okay so long story short:
We had this drive all the sudden stop working. Would not even work in manual. My leading assumption was its bad, because I have never had trouble throwing them into manual and running them for testing. I went ham on the params. Got it jogging, but at a low speed, then was able to go ham on some more params and get it up to speed. But the auto start was still having some issue. When I went to go change one more setting, someone unplugged the relay out wires and it started working. He attributes it to the relay wires. I attribute to a bad drive me going ham on the params to work around it.

needless to say he didnt want to test further (supervisor) as it was working.

In theory removing the relay wires on the drive should not do anything becauses its an output, it completes a signal but does not read it internally to function.

Thank you in advance.

would I be correct in my understanding and further assuming that it had no play in making the drive run? or does it have some sort of input functionality which could affect the drive?

The other thing, is maybe that output had via a relay or plc affected the drive signal. But I doubt that as it happened mid production and start/stop signals still work fully.

It’s my understanding that these are dry contacts, and would have no effect on the drive running, unless they wired through these contacts to an enable input or something.

@jlandwerlen that was my understanding, but it was very confusing seeing it happen. But because I changed a setting at the same time. I think he claim is invalid, but he doesn’t want to test it out and prove me wrong.

Very weird. for sure bad drive, some settings still don’t make sense. I think I was just able to hardprogram params around the functions which were not working.

Just to throw this out there, using CCW or DriveExecutive makes troubleshooting drives and setting parameters a lot easier.

Edit, but, been a while using a PF4, you may only be able to go online with it via DPI adapter cable thingy.

@jlandwerlen is DriveExecutive the one preloaded on the drive?
I’ve never got that to work on my computer.

And CCW probably would have been a mission to setup, but it’s something i’ll look into.

No DriveExecutive is older software, I don’t even think it’s bundled in a toolkit anymore. CCW is not very good software by the way. I heard it’s gotten better, but last time I used it, I wasn’t impressed. But, for drives, it is better than nothing.

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I’m pro CCW but I know most are not lol

Worth taking caution with this, if he pulled the wire off the relay output that did indeed go to an input or somewhere else as a interlock, (which is backwards) then that interlock is no longer working. Id be hooking it back up and finding the real issue to hand.


@craigb machine had no alarms, and everything works perfectly now. Management does like me ghost chasing. all safeties still work.

I agree with you in the sense that those wires should not have prevented the drive running, unless it has some weird wiring. If it was wired in series with the drive enable signal or run, then it would have used the normally closed signal and the drive would have not worked if the wires are removed.

More then likely that relay output is probably an alarm or something. if it was wired normally open, you didn’t have any alarms before as there was no alarm to speak of and you wont have any alarms ever again as the wires are off. if you have the drawings, worth seeing where the wires go to.