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Nivo Charts

Hello there,
In light of our shared community spirit, I'm thrilled to present the Nivo Charts component, tailored to cater to your data visualization requirements.

What's Included

GitHub Repository

To access the documentation and stay updated on future versions and additions to the Nivo Charts collection, please visit our GitHub repository:

GitHub Repository


This GitHub repository is primarily used for documentation in the and for version control. I'm committed to expanding the Nivo Charts collection with more components in the future.

For inquiries, support, or to share your feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me at mail.

Your engagement and input are highly appreciated as I strive to enhance your data visualization experience.


NivoCharts.modl (234.4 KB)


Thanks for your efforts will give try this weekend.

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Great, this is what I was after recently.
Let me test.
Regards, Ilya.

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I have downloaded this and used it with some live tag bindings, mainly the Sankey chart.
A few notes:

  • There was an issue with the display scaling infinitely when used in a flex container, it looked like it was increasing in vertical size (on the component canvas only, so no scrollbars or actual extension, just the graphic was stretching) every time the bindings updated, have struggled to replicate, but will update if I can replicate.
  • The order of links being connected seems to be indefinite, every time a binding updates it can change the order of the target links, leading to some odd flickering changes.

Other than this, its very functional and seemed to work well.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. I appreciate your efforts in testing and sharing your observations. Your input is invaluable in helping me enhance the module for a better user experience.
In response to your feedback:

Display Scaling Issue:

I appreciate your detailed description of the display scaling issue. To better assist you, could you provide a snapshot or more details about the specific scenario where this occurs? This will help me investigate and address the problem more effectively.

Order of Links Changing:

You've correctly identified that the order of links can be affected by data updates. To provide more stability in the link order, I recommend exploring the "sort" property in the "chartStyle" configuration. Adjusting this property can help maintain a consistent order and reduce flickering changes.
Flickering Changes:

Similarly, adjusting the "sort" property in "chartStyle" should address the flickering changes related to the order of target links. This property allows you to control the sorting method applied to the chart data.