Sankey diagram module


I’m implementing a system for monitoring the energy consumption and I was wondering if there is a 3rd party module for the sankey diagram.

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I’ll bump your thread because I’m also interested in this function.
To make this findable (and explain what the diagram is), this diagram is usually used as a energy flow diagram, where you have producers on the left and consumers on the right.


We are actively looking at developing a module to add this component to perspective. Give this comment a like if you’re interested in purchasing so we can update you on development.


So a few days later, we have some Alpha footage to show. Is this the sort of thing you’re all looking for?

Please comment if you’re interested



it looks exactly what we are looking for. Just a question: is there the possibility to merge the outputs in a common area? E.g. from you video I would like to merge ‘UPS-15 output’, ‘PFC4’ and ‘PFC5’ together because they serve the finishing area and all the other outputs to the moulding area. Is it possible?

Thank you.

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Looks really great!

Here’s a couple things that would be important to me:

  • Ability to pre-hide/programatically hide nodes.
  • Ability to change the tooltip text (with placeholders/string formatters).
  • Ability to enable/disable animations.

This sort of diagram can be easily drawn on an HTML page using the google charts library. The HTML page can be driven by our RWS module which uses webDev module of Ignition. The javascript code in the HTML page can be modified to drive this module to display the data received from Ignition the way you want. See the raw output of the sample chart inserted in rws.html page of the module.

Yes this should be possible, either directly through the component or just by the arrangement of your data.

  • Ability to pre-hide/programatically hide nodes.

Already done

  • Ability to change the tooltip text (with placeholders/string formatters).

This will be implemented

  • Ability to enable/disable animations.

This will be implemented


Great job!

Hi Jonathon
Is there any 2 hour trial version to test now?
Could you update some information about the pricing.

Hi Nader

We are less than a week into looking at this, its getting quite a bit of interest so we probably will offer it as a module, We haven’t formulated an kind of release schedule, as soon as we have a beta that we are happy to release I will PM those who are interested so they can try it out, maybe three or four weeks away.

I’d like to think that we can include a Chord chart option in the final release as there is much that is the same, but no guarantees right now.


wonderful. Please make it compatible with older release like 8.0.12.

YES, Yes it is!

We are pleased to release the beta version of our perspective charting module.

With this module you can have Sankey and Chord charts.

Head to to get a download link, and see the documentation (still being constructed). You may even find a different free module…

We would really appreciate any feedback, and we’d love to see your screenshots!

Currently compatible from 8.0.3 onwards. No support for 8.1 yet.


Hi Jonathon,
They are greate.
By the way can you build a module to return current user zoom level in broswer?
Fro example like display size module but it return the broswer zoom level so we can use it for cluttering decluttering effect.

I test the calendar and I can’t change x y width height of it in view.
Even after deleting it the selection box remain in container.
Even if I create a new view there is a blank box in it.
The only way I can make it ok is to uninstall the calendar module.
I use 8.0.12

Thanks for letting us know Nader, I’ll get that looked at tomorrow. Any issues with the calendar module, please put them on the Perspective Calendar thread or message direct so we can more easily keep track.

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An 8.1 compatible version is now available for testing here: Charting Module