SAP HANA JDBC Connection

Hello World,

Any one could connect to SAP HANA using JDBC at Igniiton?

I am interested in this as well, since it appears my company is headed in this direction.

I could create the Conection with JDBC for HANA, and create a Translator.

But I’m facing issue to Pass the login to HANA.

Follow the settings:

Hello there!

I can’t help you with communicating with SAP HANA via JDBC, but I will tell you that we are releasing next week an Interface for SAP ERP module, that will, in tandem with our Business Connector module, enable you to communicate natively with most on-prem SAP servers, including HANA.

More information can be found here and here, and a demo can be set up with your Ignition rep, if this interests you.

Hope this helps!

Keith Adair
MES Product Manager, Sepasoft

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Hello AGDC04
Did you finally succeed to communicate with the HANA via JDBC?



Yes, I could access HANA with JDBC.

So I installed the HANA Client at my PC
At Ignition created a new translator with this settings

after that, created a new Driver with this settings

the Jar file to import is at the HANA Client install folder usually at C:\Program Files\SAP\hdbclient\ngdbc.jar

After that, I could create a HANA Connection, with a User and Login at SAP, Using Windows authentication for me not worked.

The URL for connection like



and connected, also it can loader the folders at query build and is easy to find the correctly view at HANA.


It’s working
Thank you for the detailed explanation

I have been trying to learn the best ways to connect SAP and Ignition.

@AGDC04 Is this the technique you use today?
Did you learn a better one?