Save ad-hoc trend pen configuration

Quick question that I have is:
given an ad-hoc trend screen, is there any way to choose the pens you want and then save that configuration so that you can pull it back at a later time to view that specific trend?

For example,
say you picked TIT-1, TIT-2, and PIT-1 out of 50 analog sensors available. You see the trend, you’re done. Now 2 months later you want to see the same trend again. Instead of re-adding TIT-1, TIT-2, and PIT-1 all over again, if there is a way to save that tag configuration for use later, that would be great.

Any ideas?

yes. its all just datasets. you could look at creating tables that would mimic the datasets and then saving them with an identifier. You could also serialize the datasets which is the way I would do it and just have your identifier saved in a column next to the column that holds the serialized dataset

this should get you started on using the package
How to serialize a dataset?

also the click to graph project may help you some as far as windows and stuff tvo get started.