Save column size in Power Table

Hello, I am interested in the features provided by the power table. I want to learn how to change the size of the table window without changing the size of the columns. Now I have a script:

  table = self.viewDataset
 	c = table.getColumnCount()
 	if c<=7: system.gui.transform(self, newWidth=800)
 	elif c>7: system.gui.transform(self, newWidth=1400)

With it, I get:
for 10 columns

for 7 columns

Q: how do I save the original column size


Have you tried changing the “Auto-Resize Mode” to “Off”?
I’m not sure if you’re working with 8.0.x or 7.9.x but turning Auto-Resize Mode Off works for me in v7.9.x.

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It worked! Thank you very much!