Save data into SQL table by Pivoting the data

Hii ,
I was doing some SQL scripting work and stuck somewhere. I have 16 Pens in my easy chart and I am saving that data in sql. I am only saving 4 columns out of the 21 Columns of tagPens.

So what i want is the data which i am saving need to transpose in a manner that my row will get saved as column. for ex:- I have “name” column in easy chart tagpens which has 16 rows so i need the 16 rows to be as my column 1 row when i am saving that data in SQL. similar for the tag_path column and color column. I am attaching image which shows my concern.

And the next thing is I need to create a header for this table as Group, Name1 - Name16, Path1-Path16 and Color1-Color16