Save database in two devices

Hi guys, may I know that it is possible to save my database in two places which the database will automatically save to computer 1 and computer 2.

It is possible using Tag History Splitter.

First configure 2 DB Connections, 1 on Computer 1 and another on Computer 2. Have Tag History Splitter and its possible to select 2 DBs there.

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Hi @Gaurav.Shitole. One more question from me. The Ignition database just store the audit events data right ? Then what about the trend data such as the value of every tagging.

That’s what Tag History is.

Yes that’s Tag History which you will have to enable in Tag configuration

Thanks for all your help

To add, the tag splitter should not be considered redundancy or high availability. If you want each database instance to mirror each other, you will need to look into something other than the tag splitter.

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