Save edited trends

Dear experts,

We are running vision at a client and they would like to make some trending with easy chart.
We made a tree view of all tags where the client can drag and drop the wanted tag.

After we "save and publish" a new version these changes are gone and the client has to make his trend again.
He wants to save the configuration of the easy charts.

Is this possible?


I would use the Ad hoc from the exchange.

The key is that a "configured" EasyChart has several dataset properties containing that configuration. You likely have some binding on the EasyChart that is initializing those properties with your original configuration. You will need to modify the bindings to not do that, but instead load the last setup. (And provide a way for the user to signal that they want to save the setup.) Such a setup typically uses the database to hold the configurations, keyed to user name.

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I would like to use this.

I am running version V8.0.16 of Ignition.

I imported the .PROJ file into the designer and made a new vision windows.
I dragged and dropped the AD_HOC template into the window.

When i try to "save" a graph i get the error in attachment.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance!

I'm kind of guessing you're missing some data the module expects. Maybe a name ?
But without more information about the error, there's not much we can do to help.

Or, it's a compatibility issue. The module's page clearly says 7.9.18, and you're running 8.0.16. That's a big leap.
By the way, you probably shouldn't be running 8.0 anyway.

Hi Pascal,

Can you explain why we should not be running V8.0 anyway?


This was more or less a prototype version with short lived support.

V8.0 was never intended to be a LTS version.

V8.0.17 was the last version if I remember correctly, and your 1 version behind that, on top of that 8.1 is now at 8.1.24. That means you're 26 releases behind. That's a whole host of features and bug fixes that you don't have access to.

See this whole topic for a review of the pinch you are in:

One bit of good news: this will be avoided on the next go-around. IA announced at ICC that they are skipping v8.2.

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No idea. I haven't used Vision in a while, but just imported and created a new window. It worked for me.