Save file locally scheduled


I am hoping you can help me with my problem.
I want to save some data from a database every night to a csv file.
I can do this manually without problems. But if I want to run this automatically every night, I face the problem that I can only save on the gateway but not on my local PC.

Does anybody has an idea how I can solve this.
I already tried to use reports (same problem with saving on local PC), use a time tag as trigger and use a timer in vision with property change script.

For your information:
I use Ignition 8.1.10 and Windows 10.

I look forward to your solutions

Tag script and gateway events script run in gateway, on server machine.
Maybe a vision window script works.

Do you need to do it in ignition ?
You could try doing it outside, with whatever window’s equivalent to cron is…

Map the network drive of where you want the gateway to save it.

I prefer to have the gateway save on the gateway then use a script to copy it over, that way if the link is down the file can be retrieved from the gateway.


thank you for your help. That could be a solution.
I would prefer to have a solution in Ignition, so I have just one program instead od several individual components in different places.

But I suspect that’s currently not possible with Ignition.

Have a look at SqlBackupAndFtp. I’ve found it very easy and reliable.

It can be done in Ignition.

First map your network drive:

Then use a gateway timer script to copy the files from the gateway to the other PC: