Save In pop-up using exportExcel

Dear Carl.Gould

I does’t want to save in pop-up using exportExcel.

I want to save file at defined Location.


Pradip Waghmare

You can optionally set the file location in the same place where you enter the filename. Check Example 2 in the user manual.

The catch is that this runs on the client, which can be on different machines. The same network share or drive may or may not exist.

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Dear Sir,

I tried fpmi.dataset.exportExcel (“c:\mydata.xls”, 1, results) but then also “Save In” pop-up come.

please give me example for optionally set the file location in the same place.


Pradip Waghmare

The exportExcel function will always pop up a file selection dialogue (open at the location specified in your path). I can’t see a way around this.

I’ve also noticed that it saves the data in xml format, but insists on giving it an xls extension. This causes a warning when trying to open the file in Excel 2007, while OpenOffice 3.1 tries to open it as a text file.

Maybe someone from IA can respond after the holidays.

Unfortunately there is currently no easy way to save to an Excel spreadsheet file without the popup. This has been improved in the next version, where there is also a dataSetToExcel function that returns a string. You have 2 options:

  1. Wait for the new release and use that.
  2. Open up the excel files that we export in a text editor - its all just plain text. You could output it yourself using fpmi.file.writeFile()

Like I’ve said before, our Excel compatability is limited. The output format is the xml format of an excel spreadsheet - the xls extension is so that excel opens it, not IE. The warning is unfortunate in 2007. In the future we should just standardize on the new xml format of 2007 and abandon all earlier versions of Excel.