Save location of Trend files using the Ad-hoc

I am using Ad Hoc Trends in my Perspective project and was wondering if there is a way to set the default save location and open location for saving/reloading Trend configuration files to/from a folder? Currently when you press the save button or browse button the popup opens to a default location each time and I would like to change that default location to a specific folder for trends.

It is a browser. You have no control over local file locations (for very good security reasons). If you really need unrestricted local file operations, you would have to stay with Vision.

I just did a quick search, and Edge, Chrome and Safari all allow you to change the location of the “default location” used for saving files. I assume that other browsers also allow you to do this.

Instructions for changing Chrome default location

Instructions for changing Safari default location

Instructions for changing Edge default location

Right. They pretty much all do. But it is a browser setting that applies to all sites. Not a setting in your Perspective project that would apply just to your project.

Based on the OPs description, just changing the browser default would be sufficient

@steven.gyllich, should consideration be give to saving the configurations be saved on the server? This might require saving the configurations attached to a username, etc.