Save Maker "Terms" acceptance?

It seems like for every new session I have to “Accept” the terms for using Maker when I view it in Perspective. Is there a way to store the fact that I accepted the agreement and never have it ask me again (like if it is a cookie, store it for a year?)?

Pretty sure there’s a reason it comes up lots :slight_smile:

:rofl: You’re probably right…

Yes, pay for the software. I can’t see how this is a nuisance on free software.

Yes, but $11k is a bit beyond my budget for some simple home automation. :smile:
I think it’s great Inductive opened up a path for using Perspective for free, I’m not complaining. I was just asking because maybe I overlooked a setting. Or maybe it is something that could be changed in future versions so as to be less of a nuisance (and it is, at least for me).

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I hope they change it and ask twice… :slight_smile:

Should I mark your comment as the solution? @jlandwerlen :upside_down_face:

To be fair, I often miss reading the contents of popups, as most of the time they’re just nuisance prompts, so asking twice might actually help for some people :laughing:

Maybe to be sure they should make me read ten pages of terms each time, just so I don’t forget I didn’t pay :rofl:

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No I think you solved it with 10. :slight_smile: