Save Report in Excel format type

i am trying to save my report data which is in tabular form.
i am using the script on button :

import datetime
time =
tw = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")
st = "Report " + str(tw)
settings = {"path":"D:\Reports", "fileName":st, "format":"Xlsx"} "event.source.parent.getComponent('Report Viewer').reportPath" , project="SPC_SEFPRO", action="save", actionSettings=settings)

but i am getting an error:

help me how to save my report in excel format.

Don't put quotes around this.

i tried but getting error : invalid file path

\ is a special character. You either need to:
Denote it as a raw string with r"d:\hello"
Escape it with double backslash "D:\\hello"
Use / instead "D:/hello"


The path argument is the path to the report definition within the project, not a file path.

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@aman_sharma please remove the report viewer path and put the report path see the below screenshot for more info also I have added a sample code.


settings = {"path":"C:\\IgnitionReportBackup", "fileName":"Report.pdf", "format":"xlsx"}
test ="report test",project="SPC_SEFPRO", action="save", actionSettings=settings)
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