Save Tags in Power Chart

Simple question and I think I know the answer but,

With the new Power Chart, is there a way when you open the screen with the chart that it already has tags populated in it?

We would like to create separate screens with the tags already selected for the chart so the operator doesn’t have to open the tags each time they want to view it.

That functionality isn’t built-in by default, but it’s fairly simple to add yourself. You just need to save the contents of the power chart’s props.axes/props.pens/props.plots properties to somewhere where they can be retrieved later. In the past, I have set up a button that writes all three of the aforementioned properties to custom session properties, then another button that retrieves the custom session properties and assigns them back to the trend. I suppose you might be able to set up a property change script to each of them that automatically writes to custom session properties whenever any of those properties change and an onStartup event script on the view itself to load those custom session properties in. You will probably want to do some filtering on the property change scripts to make sure you don’t end up running those scripts more than is necessary.